12 April – Food fight

Down in the park,
there’s a sudden, fierce fight
as a clattering of jackdaws
war to take the first bite.
The sun’s warming strength
summoned the ice cream van,
so the crew has been poised
to see exactly who can
win the prize of a cone
dropped by a careless punter –
(someone completely unaware
of the surrounding ice-cream hunters).
The swiftest swoops down
and claims his choice reward
but quickly discovers
he can certainly not afford
to sit at his leisure
and enjoy his rare-won treat,
for the others all pursue him
and he’s forced into retreat.
From tree to tree he flies
but he can never safely land
with the whole gang on his tail,
it doesn’t work out like he planned.
His initial swaggering victory
grows increasingly bleak,
as he darts to and fro
with a wedged-wide beak.
At last I lose sight of him,
and as the squabble moves on,
I’m left behind still wondering
if the cone will ever be truly won.