12 May – Airbnb

Next door’s eaves are filling up with the summer crowd
as the Martins move in – whether or not they are allowed.
Thank goodness our neighbours aren’t overly house proud…

Otherwise they might be left ruing the day
that the Martins returned for another stay
and counting down the weeks till they go away.

For the Martins aren’t intent on leaving things as they were found
and you won’t catch them pushing any hoovers around
to clear up all the debris they’ve scattered on the ground.

But they are great company for the Summer months
as they rollercoast the thermals of plentiful warm fronts,
performing daily shows of wild aerial stunts.

And this is surely payment and housekeeping enough –
to entertain us all every day over lunch
as we bask in the beauty of artistry above.

So welcome back Martins, please come every year,
there is so much joy for everyone when you re-appear –
you will always have a warm reception while you are here.