28 May – Newborns

I – Nettle nest

Who is this sleeping
in an unlikely nettle nest?
The first-born fawn at Studley
taking a late afternoon rest.

Day care isn’t available
to doting, devoted does,
so they choose a hiding place
nobody else could know.

The mother will soon return
to suckle her tiny bairn,
so let’s creep away quietly
and leave it alone again.

II – Taboo joy

My dog will not approve, but I must say a word
about all the new additions to local cow herds.
He hates it when May comes and they start to appear
in the lower fields – he’s utterly overcome with fear.
But I still must mark the glee of seeing new born calves
frolicking in the fields with their ungainly gangly dance.
One in particular, never seems able to stay still,
running round the field and up and down the hill.
He leaps and cavorts with pure, unfettered joy
that no inclement weather seems able to destroy.
My dog aside, I dare anyone not to feel elation
at the sight of a creature so in love with liberation.