The poet

Liz Baddaley lives a life surrounded by words, whether they’re for her own fiction and poetry, or for the leading UK charities she writes stories for. Find out more about her at lizbaddaley.com

Wild Word Sketches

Inspired by The Wildlife Trust’s #30DaysWild initiative – which encourages people to engage with the outdoors every day in June – Liz began writing a Wild Word Sketch everyday in June 2020 to capture her fleeting encounters with nature in and around her home in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire.

She loved the experience so much she decided to extend 30 days to 365.

Quickly responding to the timbre of each moment she’s evoking, the tone and form of her word sketches range from playful to profound, and free verse to rhyming couplets.

The photos accompanying her word sketches on this site are for illustrative purposes only. Many of these images were taken by Liz. But there were limits to what she could collect during live encounters! So others have been sourced from Pixabay, and are all free to use in any context without attribution.