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31 May – Biophilia

There is a great lovefew people discuss –they’re far too caught upwith fickle Eros.More constant than romancewith beauty that doesn’t fadebut renews itself as life and deathconstantly change place.This is biophilia,a natural devotionthat draws us to the wild,stirring and soothing emotion.It inspires us to connectwith sister water, brother windand every other vital, vibrantfamilial living thing.I … Continue reading 31 May – Biophilia

30 May – In an English country garden

To walk around this garden is to walk around the worldas exotic origins, like petals, gently unfoldand betray that the seeming most English of sightsare awash with much more foreign and distant delights.Lavender, stocks, hollyhocks and sweet sweet peascome from a range of far-flung regions and countries.The Middle East, Canary Islands, China and Italyare where … Continue reading 30 May – In an English country garden

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