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Latest from the Blog

20 April – Dandelion defence

The alleys are littered with dandelions,roaring bright out of black tarmac,turning every forgotten cornerinto a little sun trap.The lawn police call them weeds,but I will never agreefor their petal-maned lion headsshine out colour gloriously.I smile as they pepper the grasswith Spring’s yellow seasoning,enjoying their splashes as gold,despite accepted reasoning.Time is ticking on fast,Summer will soon … Continue reading 20 April – Dandelion defence

19 April – Open for business

Marketing campaigns are launching left and rightas each flower brand prepares to sell its wares with brightcolours specially targeted to draw their audience inso footfall increases and trading can begin.“Fresh, pure nectar, come and drink your fill,we’ll do you a deal, you’ll barely notice the bill.What a good price for liquid so rich and sweet,all … Continue reading 19 April – Open for business

18 April – The sky blessers

Relax.They’re back;long looked for and longed for,now cometo bless our northern skieswith their flick, dart dive,the sheer glory of being alive;fluid poetry in motion –winged sailors on a sky ocean…Here.Now.The swallows have returned.

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