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21 October – Apple picking

Standing on tiptoe to reach, twist and pluckfresh from the tree gives you quite a rush.Better than posh piles stacked high in supermarket aisles,one imperfect apple picked yourself is superior by miles.Feeling the rounded weight in your lucky handnext to the tree that gave it helps you understandthe worth of what you hold, and the … Continue reading 21 October – Apple picking

20 October – Neighbourhood hooligans

I didn’t see who did itbut I’m on to their kind,though they won’t really carejust how much I mindthem covering my wood stainwith their foul graffiti,spoiling my fresh paint jobso utterly brazenly.Hours of work investedto make the wood shed smart,now they’ve sprayed it with their filth,have they absolutely no heart?What’s the point of scrubbing it … Continue reading 20 October – Neighbourhood hooligans

19 October – Murmuration

Starlings suspended in air,whispering silent conversation,miming complex charades of shapesin ebbing, flowing synchronisation.A shimmering shoal of blackrippling with tides of turning wing,a seamless fabric floating dance,an almost mystical thing.I long to join the swarm,to warp and weft with feather in flight,to harness the power of windto be in the swell, at one with the might;to … Continue reading 19 October – Murmuration

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