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22 January – Cloudbow philosophy

Cloudbow,proud bow,almost impossibility,claiming famewith no rainto reduce your visibility.Breaking the rules,too cool for school,having and eating your cake;please can I borrowyour joy without sorrowto catch a cost free break?What do they say?When it rains,look for rainbows in the sky.Cloudbow plays editor,undoes the metaphor,leaves you mourning the why.Oh to have rainbowswithout the heart blows,just pure safety … Continue reading 22 January – Cloudbow philosophy

21 January – Caught out

It’s unwise trespassing on a snowy day,unless you want your crime to be given away.For there on the surface, in crisp firm printwill be the evidence of your footsteps, bold and distinct. This is how I can deduce a pheasant has been here,even though its fabled form has long since disappeared.Its every step and turn … Continue reading 21 January – Caught out

20 January – Mole mountain

What Herculean strength caused this eruption through the fallen whitepiling up thick brown snow from below, dispersed by burrowing might?How strange it looks now standing in a wide flawless sea,a lone dark mud volcano rising incongruously.Will any other islands be likewise bravely pioneered?Or has the exhausted founder simply down and disappearedafter discovering extra resistance pressing … Continue reading 20 January – Mole mountain

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